Soda Vending Machines

Model SD-01: Cold Soda (Sparkling) water Vending Machine

Soda Water Production capacity: 1 liters per minute.

Storage tank: 70 liters

Dimension: width 72, Length 72, High 195cm

Feed water for Soda maker: RO filtration 6 stages with double stages UV sterilizer

Filling speed: 3 liters per minute.

Single Vend Chamber, designed to serve for small bottles (0 .3-2 liters) or large bottles (1-5 Gallon) depend on yours.

Water flow sensor control for accurate selling volume.

Power: standby 35W, Operation 150-400W
Selling by Coin or Smart card or RFID card or Bill acceptor or Bill acceptor complete with Coin changer depend on yours.

OPTIONAL FEATURES : You may increase sales opportunity by inject flavor or fruit extracts into Sparkling Soda i.e Peach Flavor, Green Tea extract, Pomegranate extracts, etc.