Soda Vending Machines

Cold Soda (Sparkling) water / Purified water vending machine

Model SW-4160C: Cold Soda (Sparkling) water / Purified water vending machine. Combo system

Dimension: Width 108, Length 82, High 200cm

Fiberglass body double circular shaped, premium design.
R.O Production capacity: 4160 liters per day, Soda (Carbonated water) production capacity = 1 liter/minute.

Power: Standby 70 watts, R.O production: 250 watts, water dispenser: 200 watts per vend, Soda maker: 190 watts.

Water storage tank: 160 liters.

Water filling speed: Normal water: 10 liters per minute, Soda water: 3 liters per minute Dual vend chamber, Dual vend controlled system.

Water flow sensor control for accurate selling volume.

Two vending compartment to sell the water to 2 customers at the same time.

Selling by Coin or Smart card or RFID card or Bill acceptor or Bill acceptor complete with Coin changer depend on yours

OPTIONAL FEATURES : You may increase sales opportunity by inject flavor or fruit extracts into Sparkling Soda i.e Peach Flavor, Green Tea extract, Pomegranate extracts, etc.