Water Shop Kiosk


Body: Fiberglass

Dimension W125 x D100 x H210 c.m

Complete with water storage tank 450 liters.

Dual Vending Chambers to serve 2 customers at the same time.

Water dispensing: accurate controlled by electronic flow switch according to accepted money amount.

During water delivery, customer can temporary stop water dispensing to change the filling bottle.

Each vend chamber able to serve for small bottles or large bottles (1 liter--20 liters bottle size).

Selling by Coin or Smart Card or RFID card or Bill Acceptor or Bill Acceptor complete with Coin changer. Depend on your policy.

Water selling price: Single price, 1 vend button or multi-price, 3-4 vend button (3-4 water price) Example: 1st button for 1 liter = 30 cents; 2nd button for 1 gallon = 1$; 3rd button for 5 gallon = 4 $ price, etc.

Water Purification Capcity: 2 optional capacities: 4160LPD; 9450LPD


Bottle Sterilizer with Ozone.

Ozone-UV nozzle to Sterilized Nozzle.

PAUSE option when U.V lamp failed.

GSM Alert / Monitoring: You can manage and operate the vending machines under your fingertip from remote distance 1,000 miles away from installation site.