Water Vending Machines


Dimension: width 72, length 120, high 200cm

Fiberglass body square shaped, white color.

R.O Production capacity: 9450 liters per day.

Power: standby 70 watts, R.O production: 560 watts, water dispenser: 200 watts per vend.

Dual vend chamber, Dual vend controlled system.

Two vending compartment (opposite site) to enable selling the water to 2 customers at the same time.

Two payment systems coin acceptor and cashless payment system in the same machine to increase your sales opportunity.

Bigger space for advertisement at both sides of machine =110x190 c.m area

Most Advanced SMS system to enable you to monitor and control your vending machine from your mobile phone. You can manage and operate the vending machines under your fingertip from remote distance 1,000 miles away from installation site!!!